Toyota Aygo Videos Comedians As They Prank Passers-By

The Toyota Aygo (sold overseas) is a fun car. To prove it, Toyota enlisted the help of four singing comedians, placed them in a nearby Aygo and filmed them as they pranked unsuspecting passers-by. The resulting Toyota Aygo video is a laugh riot.

The pranks are truly funny, and most importantly, no one gets hurt. The comedians, safely concealed in the Aygo, spontaneously come up with songs about passers-by, as the passers-by approach a large X painted on the pavement. With these songs, the comedians convince people to do silly things. For instance, they actually manage to get construction workers to share a sausage roll as if they are the canine lovers in Lady and the Tramp.

The prank was part of a wider campaign begun in July that Toyota calls “Go Fun Yourself.” The theme of fun and laughter–and pranks–will color the automaker’s social media content and online presence.

Though you can’t get the Aygo in the US, we here at Dick Dyer Toyota believe you can have fun in any Toyota model!