Toyota Gets Help from Teens with the TeenDrive365 Video Competition

In this era of YouTube, Vines, and Podcasts, teenagers have access to all sorts of information and high-tech equipment. That’s why Toyota partnered with Discovery Education to create the TeenDrive365 Video Competition, which asked teens from around the country to put together their best short videos on how to keep teen drivers safe behind the wheel.

According to Toyota, more than 1,000 videos were submitted for this year’s competition. These were judged by two different groups: group one was Toyota and Discovery and group two was People’s Choice. Four different contestants were chosen, receiving an array of prizes.

“Each year we are impressed by the creativity and talent of the young filmmakers who enter the Toyota TeenDrive365 Video Challenge and this year was no exception,” said Michael Rouse, President of the Toyota U.S.A. Foundation. “At Toyota we believe that when good ideas are shared great things can happen.”

First place for people’s choice was $5,000 and a chance to go behind-the-scenes during a television broadcast. Toyota and Discovery awarded $15,000 to first place, $10,000 to second, and $7,500 to third. The first place winner in this category was also given the chance to work with a Discovery film crew to reshoot their entry video if they wanted to.

Toyota Uses Virtual Reality Technology to Teach Safe Driving

Virtual Reality Technology

Toyota’s TeenDrive365 program utilizes Oculus Rift virtual reality technology to teach teens the dangers of distracted driving.

Toyota launched a new TeenDrive365 distracted driving simulator at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, which uses Oculus Rift virtual reality technology to teach safe driving to teens and parents alike.

The simulator involves getting behind the wheel of a real Toyota car and putting on the Oculus Rift gaming headset, before being fully immersed in a virtual reality driving experience. Participants will see the sights and hear the sounds of busy city streets, which they are challenged to navigate safely while also having to manage traffic noises, the radio, text messages, and talkative virtual friends in the front and back seats. If they lose focus, they’ll experience the dangers of distracted driving without any of the harms.

At Dick Dyer Toyota, we think that’s a great way of getting the lesson across. In fact, over 10,000 people have already tried the simulator, and nearly 80 percent have said they would reduce distractions because of the experience!

Drive Safely with Toyota TeenDrive365

As your teen heads back to school, are you doing everything that you can to make sure you are teaching him/her safe driving habits?

Of course the answer in everyone’s head is yes…right?! Well regardless of your answer, Toyota has developed a great program for parents and their teens called TeenDrive365. The program gives parents all of the necessary resources in order to teach your teens safer driving habits.

The program has everything from a safe driving pledge, to statistics and facts, cross-country events and even videos where Toyota TeenDrive365 tests some common things people do while in their cars.

It’s a well known fact that children learn most of their habits from their parents. This is not any different with driving. With the help from Toyota, we can develop the next generation of safe drivers.

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