Toyota Safety Features and How They Work

As an automotive manufacturer, Toyota is dedicated to developing the best safety features and safety-focused technologies available. In fact, Toyota has more 2013 IIHS Top Safety Picks than other car brand.

They have certainly come a long way from antilock brakes and front airbags; now Toyota cars come with things like stability control, blind spot monitor, and lane keep assist.

But what do these safety features do exactly? And how do they do them? Although you may have heard about these features and your car might even be equipped with them, chances are you aren’t sure exactly how they work.

Well wonder no more! Toyota has put together these great videos to help you understand how safety features like Blind Spot Monitor, Lane Keep Assist, Vehicle Stability Control, and Pre-Collision Warning work. Check them and become a true Toyota safety expert:




Summer Tire Care

Summer is fast approaching and you know what that means: road trips! It’s the time of year for packing up the car and heading to your favorite vacation destination. Although summer vacations mean several care-free days for you and your family, it could mean the opposite for your car.

Between the hot weather, long drives, heavy loads, and high speeds, road trips could mean disaster for your tires. What would be worse on your summer vacation than getting a flat tire on a busy and unknown highway?

Make sure that you are prepared before you hit the road. Follow these easy tips to ensure the health of your tires before, during, and after your summer vacation:

  • Visibly check the tires: make sure there are no signs of damage
  • Make sure tires are properly inflated: check the owner’s manual for recommended inflation pressure
  • Check that the car is not overloaded
  • Check the tire tread: low tread or bald tires should be replaced
  • Follow the speed limit: driving too fast in hot weather could be dangerous for your tires

Take a quick 15 minutes to complete these steps. Then all that’s left to do is pack the luggage, strap in the kids, and hit the road!

Toyota Creates Safety Documentary, “Life Behind the Wheel”

In a nationwide effort to decrease car fatalities and accidents, Toyota is partnering with Discovery Channel and Discovery Education to create an informative documentary, “Life Behind the Wheel.”

Some shocking statistics show that most accidents can be easily prevented. For example, 70% of all child car seats are improperly installed in the U.S. and a driver is 8 to 23 times more likely to crash when they text and drive at the same time.  Toyota hopes to reduce these statistics with their new documentary.

“Life Behind the Wheel” gives real solutions to driving dangers and educates drivers on ways to increase their safety on the road.  Some of these solutions will include education on proper car seat installation, how to monitor teen driving habits, and challenges that older drivers face.

This informative documentary will air Saturday, March 3, 2012 at 8 AM.  Drivers can also download the video for free at or on iTunes.

2012 Toyota Sienna Creates Comfort and Safety

The 2011 Toyota Sienna gave traditional family van drivers what they wanted:  comfort, versatility, style, and fuel efficiency.  The 2012 Toyota Sienna includes all the perks of last year’s model but enhances it with more comfort and safety features, sure to meet the needs of all minivan drivers.

On the interior, the 2012 Toyota Sienna now has more cabin space for storage.  More storage bins, cup holders, and cargo spaces allow minivan families to store more items for their traveling destinations.  Third-row seats can be folded up easily, making plenty of room for groceries, sports equipment, or large suitcases.  On the 2012 Sienna XLE all-wheel-drive and Limited grades, the middle console slides back and forth to allow both front seat and second row seat passengers access to storage.

In addition to more storage space in the cabin, the 2012 Toyota Sienna also gives passengers more comfort.  Passengers can easily stretch their legs out when sitting in second row chairs that move 23 inches back and slide back and forth.  On the Limited grade, more leg and foot support are given in the second row with Lounge Seating.  While comfortably sitting in the 2012 Sienna, passengers can also enjoy the optional rear-seat Dual View Entertainment center.  This 16.4 inch widescreen is made up of two displays that can be split into two screens if desired.

With the 2012 Toyota Sienna, families can worry less about their safety.  A Safety Connect system offers Automatic Collision Notification, Stolen Vehicle Location, Emergency Assistance Button, and Roadside Assistance.  The Safety Connect is optional on the XLE model.

With the new 2012 Toyota Sienna, drivers and passengers receive a smooth comfortable ride with increased safety for everyone on board. View all Toyota Models at Dick Dyer Toyota!