Drive Safely with Toyota TeenDrive365

As your teen heads back to school, are you doing everything that you can to make sure you are teaching him/her safe driving habits?

Of course the answer in everyone’s head is yes…right?! Well regardless of your answer, Toyota has developed a great program for parents and their teens called TeenDrive365. The program gives parents all of the necessary resources in order to teach your teens safer driving habits.

The program has everything from a safe driving pledge, to statistics and facts, cross-country events and even videos where Toyota TeenDrive365 tests some common things people do while in their cars.

It’s a well known fact that children learn most of their habits from their parents. This is not any different with driving. With the help from Toyota, we can develop the next generation of safe drivers.

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2012: A Great Year for Toyota


As we ring in the New Year, it is natural to reflect on the ups and downs of the previous year. For Toyota, 2012 involved many astounding accomplishments and professional successes. Let’s take a moment to reflect on all the good that Toyota shared last year:

  • Assisted over 1,000 Boys & Girls Clubs around the US
  • Gave $150,000 to Mothers of Invention and sponsored the annual Women in the World summit
  • Launched Buckle Up for Life to promote seatbelt and car seat safety
  • Hosted Dream Build Challenge Contest which featured NASCAR drivers Kyle Busch and Clint Boyer
  • 41,186 people pledge to drive the scenic route, promoting over 100 nature destinations
  • Graham Hill, founder of, drove a RAV4 EV all the way down the California coast, utilizing charging stations along the way
  • A Toyota Tundra towed the 300,000 pound Endeavour space shuttle on LA freeway 405
  • National Teen Safe Driving Program was extended to dealerships and high schools, helping to benefit more than 20,000 teens and parents
  • 365,000 jobs were created in the US
  • 100 New Toyotas and $400,000 in grants were awarded to 500 non-profits through Toyota 100 Cars for Good program
  • 4 million hybrids were sold globally
  • Toyota produced the 25 millionth North American built car

From that list alone, it looks like 2012 was a great year for Toyota! Dick Dyer Toyota extends its thanks to Toyota Motor Corporation and wishes all the best for 2013 as well!