Why the Toyota Highlander Is the Perfect Car for Holiday Road Trips

Toyota Highlander

Toyota Highlander

There’s nothing better than being able to combine family, holiday, and travel. With all of the Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities going on, there is nothing but pure joy in the air wherever you go. Here’s how the Toyota Highlander can make your holiday road trip even better.

Impressive Size and Fuel Economy

One of the most important factors for someone deciding what car to take on a road trip is the fuel economy. In this category, the Highlander most certainly does not disappoint. For a vehicle that fits up to eight people, getting 30 mpg or more on the highway is quite impressive.

Features and Cargo

Almost as important, especially for families, are the features and cargo space offered in a vehicle, and the Highlander has plenty of both. There’s extra cargo storage space located throughout the car, and the room behind the third row is among the largest in its class.

As for features, Toyota outfitted the car down to the smallest detail. There is even a feature that amplifies the voices in the front row so that the people in the third row are able to hear.

For this holiday season, the Toyota Highlander provides everything a family is looking for in the perfect car for holiday road trips.


Summer Tire Care

Summer is fast approaching and you know what that means: road trips! It’s the time of year for packing up the car and heading to your favorite vacation destination. Although summer vacations mean several care-free days for you and your family, it could mean the opposite for your car.

Between the hot weather, long drives, heavy loads, and high speeds, road trips could mean disaster for your tires. What would be worse on your summer vacation than getting a flat tire on a busy and unknown highway?

Make sure that you are prepared before you hit the road. Follow these easy tips to ensure the health of your tires before, during, and after your summer vacation:

  • Visibly check the tires: make sure there are no signs of damage
  • Make sure tires are properly inflated: check the owner’s manual for recommended inflation pressure
  • Check that the car is not overloaded
  • Check the tire tread: low tread or bald tires should be replaced
  • Follow the speed limit: driving too fast in hot weather could be dangerous for your tires

Take a quick 15 minutes to complete these steps. Then all that’s left to do is pack the luggage, strap in the kids, and hit the road!