Toyota Promotes Hydrogen Power with FCV Rally Car

FCV Rally Car

A rally car is usually associated with pure power—unless you’re Toyota. The Japanese carmaker has decided to take the idea of a rally car’s power and make it greener than ever by using a brand-new Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) as its newest entry in the rally segment.

While Toyota’s FCV rally car is not in production just yet, its prototype has been named the “zero car” during the Shinshiro Rally, which is the final race of the Japanese Rally Championship. For those of you unfamiliar with racing, a zero car is the car that sets the race pace and alerts officials to any safety precautions during the race. Even though the FCV is about six months away from production, the fact that its hydrogen-powered prototype is ready to keep up with the traditionally-powered rally cars shows that the model needs the bare minimum of work before it hits the tracks as a competitor.

Japan will be the first to receive the production FCV rally car next April, while the United States and European markets will have to wait until next summer for them to arrive. If you are looking for the perfect fuel-efficient car, though, make sure you stop in to Dick Dyer Toyota today and check out the most fuel-efficient lineup in the industry!