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Parts and Service Specials

Now is the time for summer cruising – windows down, radio up. There might even be a little speeding involved. But don’t worry; we won’t tell.

With all the time you spend in your car during the summer, it is also the season for car repairs and upkeep. After all, nothing is worse than heading out on a road trip or long drive and getting a flat tire or breaking down on the side of the road.

Prevent any automotive related mishaps this summer by heading to Dick Dyer Toyota in Columbia, South Carolina to get your car in proper working condition, from the tires to the brakes. Not only does Dick Dyer Toyota offer the finest facilities and top notch customer service, they are also running tons of parts and service specials for their valued customers, like you!

Dick Dyer Toyota is especially excited for the Toyota Complete special, which includes a conventional oil change and several other services for a very affordable price. Check it out, along with all other service and parts offers they are running:

Toyota Complete Oil Change Service Special | $39.95

  • Conventional oil change
  • Multi-point inspection
  • Tire rotation
  • Battery check

Offer ends 8/31/2014

Toyota Complete Oil Change + Toyota Battery Purchase

Get the Toyota Complete Oil Change and purchase a new Toyota Battery to receive a $25 Toyota Visa Prepaid card my mail.

Offer ends 8/31/2014

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2-Wheel Brake Service Special | $30.00 Off

  • Replace pads
  • Inspect brake calipers, mounting, and hydraulic hose
  • Check brake fluid and master cylinder
  • Inspect rotors
  • Complimentary multi-point inspection and road test

Offer ends 8/16/2014

4-Wheel Alignment | $10 Off

  • Check tire tread and tire air pressure
  • Check and adjust camber, caster, and toe-in
  • Complimentary multi-point inspection and road test

Offer ends 8/16/2014

5,000 or 10,000 Mile Service | 11% Off

  • Replace engine oil and filter
  • Inspect and adjust all fluid levels
  • Rotate tires
  • Inspect brake linings/drums and brake pads
  • Check floor mats
  • Complimentary multi-point inspection

Offer ends 8/16/2014

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30,000 Mile Service | 16% Off

  • Inspect and all fluid levels and refill as needed
  • Replace engine oil, filter, engine air filter, and cabin air filter
  • Inspect brakes, ball joints and dust covers, drive shaft boots
  • Inspect engine coolant, exhaust pipes, front differential oil
  • Inspect fuel lines, fuel tank, fuel tank cap, radiator, and condenser
  • Inspect steering gear box, linkage and boots, transmission fluid
  • Complimentary multi-point inspection

Offer ends 8/16/2014

Auto Service Sales in Columbia SC

Toyota Service SalesNo one wants to bring their car in for service, until something breaks down or falls off that is. So why do we put off regularly scheduled maintenance? We know it’s necessary but who wants to mess with the inconvenience and cost. Plus you never know when you are getting ripped off or being given second-rate parts or repairs.

While these are valid concerns, there is a very simple solution: the Dick Dyer Toyota Service Department, of course! You don’t have to worry about being cheated here – all of our technicians are factory trained and certified and we only use Genuine Toyota Parts. In addition, we have a full service customer lounge that offers a café with free coffee and popcorn, Wi-Fi, premium seating, and televisions.

Oh, and did we mention our service sales? Because we have those too! With such low prices, it is now more affordable (and appealing) than ever for you to finally get that maintenance done that you have been putting off for weeks.

Current Toyota Service Offers:

10K Mile Service – Synthetic Oil: 11% Off

Service Includes:

  • Replace Engine Oil Filter
  • Inspect and Adjust All Fluid Levels
  • Rotate Tires
  • Visually Inspect Brake Linings/Drums and Brake Pads
  • Check Installation of Driver’s Floor Mat
  • Multi-Point Inspection Complimentary

2-Wheel Brake Service: $30.00 Off

Service Includes:

  • Replace Pads
  • Inspect Brake Calipers, Caliper Mounting, and Caliper Hydraulic Hose
  • Check Brake Fluid Level and Master Cylinder
  • Inspect Rotors
  • Multi-Point Inspection Complimentary
  • Road Test Vehicle

30K Mile Service: 16% Off

Service Includes:

  • Inspect and Adjust All Fluid Levels
  • Replace Cabin Air Filter
  • Replace Engine Oil & Air Filter
  • Rotate Tires
  • Inspect Brake Lines and Hoses
  • Inspect Engine Coolant
  • Inspect Front Differential Oil
  • Inspect Fuel Lines and Connections
  • Inspect Radiator and Condenser
  • Inspect Steering Linkage and Boots
  • Inspect Transmission Fluid or Oil
  • Spark Plugs (Additional Cost if Applicable)
  • Multi-Point Inspection Complimentary

4-Wheel Alignment: $10.00 Off

Service Includes:

  • Check Tire Tread and Adjust Tire Air Pressure
  • Check and Adjust Camber, Caster, and Toe-In to Factory Specifications
  • Road Test Vehicle
  • Multi-Point Inspection Complimentary

5K Mile Service: 11% Off

Service Includes:

  • Replace Non-Synthetic Engine Oil and Filter
  • Inspect ad Adjust All Fluid Levels
  • Rotate Tires
  • Visually Inspect Brake Linings/Drums and Brake Pads/Discs
  • Check Installation of Driver’s Floor Mat
  • Multi-Point Inspection Complimentary

5K Mile Service – Synthetic Oil: 11% Off

Service Includes:

  • Inspect ad Adjust All Fluid Levels
  • Rotate Tires
  • Visually Inspect Brake Linings/Drums and Brake Pads/Discs
  • Check Installation of Driver’s Floor Mat
  • Multi-Point Inspection Complimentary

Offers Valid: 01/02/2014-02/16/2014

Buy Toyota Floor Mats at Dick Dyer Toyota in Columbia SC

Your car is your sanctuary. It’s how you get to the places and people that matter most to you. It’s where you spend countless hours by yourself, indulging in some “me” time. It’s the one place that is truly yours, from that tacky air freshener hanging from the rearview mirror to the lucky stuffed animal sitting on your dashboard. And as your sanctuary, don’t you want to make sure your car remains as clean as possible?

In addition to regular cleaning and detailing, floor mats are a great way to preserve the cleanliness and quality of your car. Whether you go with all-weather or carpet, floor mats do wonders in protecting the interior of your vehicle as well as trap dirt and debris.

All-Weather Floor Mats

Toyota All Weather Floor MatsToyota all-weather floor mats are made of durable material and are stain resistant. They consist of a unique ribbed design that produces channels perfect for collecting dirt and moisture and keeping it away from the interior of your car. Whether the culprit is muddy shoes or a leaky cooler, Toyota all-weather floor mats will make sure your car is protected.

In addition, Toyota floor mats are designed to fit perfectly into the interior of your vehicle. You can tell by the embossed model logo which is found on every Genuine Toyota floor mat. And with quarter-turn fasteners, you can be sure that these mats won’t slip out of place.

Carpet Floor Mats

Toyota Carpet Floor MatsFor those who still want to uphold the interior of their Toyota but don’t like the utilitarian look of all-weather mat varieties, carpet floor mats are the answer for you. Much like all-weather mats, the carpet option is meant to protect your interior upholstery. But because they are made of durable nylon carpeting, these floor mats can handle a high amount of foot traffic while still matching the color and style of your car.

Carpet floor mats are also made to fit specifically in your Toyota model and also feature the model logo. Quarter-turn fasteners are essential in keeping the carpet floor mat in place. Even on the driver’s side where pedals could get in the way, Toyota carpet floor mats safely stay in place.

You could get some floor mats at a discount store and struggle with low quality materials and ill-fitting sizes. Or you could choose Genuine Toyota floor mats and be rest assured that they will not only fit perfectly, but will last for a very long time – maybe even as long as your Toyota does.

To purchase Toyota floor mats, visit the Dick Dyer Toyota Parts and Accessories department on 240 Killian Commons Parkway in Columbia SC. You can also order your floor mats online with the convenient online ordering form found on the Dick Dyer Toyota website.

Dick Dyer Toyota Parts & Accessories

Dick Dyer Toyota Parts & Accessories Department

Genuine Toyota Parts: TrueStart Batteries

Toyota Car BatteryIs it hard to start your car? Have you noticed the headlights and interior lights aren’t as bright as they used to be? That probably means that it is time to replace your car’s battery.

With so many brands to choose from at a variety of prices, buying a new battery is a big decision. But Toyota is here to help. We have the battery options that fit your needs and are made specifically to work with your Toyota vehicle. Far from chancing it with some generic brand, choosing a Genuine Toyota Battery is the reliable and economical choice, which will keep your car running smoothly for years to come.

What to Look For in a New Battery

The quality and performance of a car battery depend on two factors: cold cranking amps (CCA) and reserve capacity (RC). Think of the CCA as the initial “oomph” that gets your engine started. The RC on the other hand, is what allows the battery to hold a charge. It also contributes to the longevity of the battery because it is responsible for providing that initial oomph power over and over again.

Many brands claim to have a high CCA as a way to set their battery apart. But in reality, a well performing battery should not have a high CCA at all. What is important is to have a proper ratio between the CCA and RC. If these components are not balanced, then the battery will not be able to hold a charge as well and therefore its longevity will suffer.

Toyota TrueStart Battery

Genuine Toyota Batteries

All Genuine Toyota TrueStart batteries have been approved by Toyota Engineers to meet their strict standards for high performance and quality. These batteries offer the optimal CCA and RC balance to deliver reliability all year round, year after year.

Toyota TrueStart Battery Options

Toyota offers two varieties of Genuine Toyota batteries, TrueStart and True2, both of which truck.

The TrueStart battery offers a longer life, increased heat resistance, higher corrosion resistance, quicker recharge, and an 84-month warranty. In addition to this exceptional warranty, the TrueStart battery is offered with a 24-month free replacement and a 60-month proration plan.

Toyota True2 Battery

The True2 battery is a heavy-duty Genuine Toyota battery option, manufactured with high vibration resistance. This battery comes with a 60-month warranty, 18-month free replacement, and 42-month proration plan.

Instead of buying whatever battery is on sale, choose a Genuine Toyota battery. These batteries are made specifically to work with your Toyota vehicle and meet industry and Toyota standards of quality and performance. Plus, the warranties that come standard on either Toyota battery ensure that no matter what life throws your way, you will be covered.

To purchase your Toyota TrueStart or True2 battery in Columbia SC, visit Dick Dyer Toyota’s Part Department at 270 Killian Commons Parkway. You can also order parts online by visiting

Dick Dyer Toyota Service Department

You probably already know that routine car maintenance is needed to keep your car performing at its best. But sometimes the cost and hassle of a service appointment might keep you away from the body shop.

Not so with Dick Dyer Toyota. Our Service Department is staffed by Toyota and/or ASE certified technicians who know how to take care of your car. They have the advantage of the latest tools and technologies as well as a high-tech facility.

The Dick Dyer Toyota Service Department wants to make your service appointment as convenience as possible. That is why they offer a quick and easy online scheduling form, WIFI for those waiting on a car, and free popcorn and beverages.

So stop with the excuses. Come to the convenient and affordable Service Department at Dick Dyer Toyota!

Dick Dyer Toyota’s January Service Coupons

Dick Dyer Toyota has issued its service coupons for the month of December. Take advantage of these specials:

  • 20% off all detail packages
  • 15% off select maintenance services, including fuel injection system cleaning, fuel induction cleaning, filter replacement, and spark plug replacement
  • $40.00 off timing belt
  • $20.00 off drive belt
  • $199.99 alignment and balance special
  • $30.00 off complete brake service

Check out Dick Dyer Toyota’s service coupon page to get more information on these specials and discover even more great deals. Schedule your next service appointment with Dick Dyer Toyota!