Toyota’s Hydrogen Powered Car Ready for 2015 Debut

The Toyota Motor Company has been working towards the reality of a hydrogen powered car, once just a dream in our best science fiction novels and movies, for over twenty years now. But 2015 will be the year that dream actually does become reality, as the Toyota Mirai is set to hit the market in California sometime this year. In fact, it will start in the Golden State, then move across the nation quickly as well.

At first glance, Toyota’s hydrogen powered car might seem like nothing more than a midsize sedan with futuristic design, but look again—it’s much more than what first meets the eye. The Mirai, which means “future” in Japanese, will use a tweaked version of the Hybrid Synergy Drive to power the vehicle. That unique powertrain gives the sedan the same range as a gas-powered car. Plus, you can recharge the hydrogen fuel cell in just five minutes.

There’s no more renewable resource than hydrogen, the most abundant element in the world, and so it’s the perfect thing to power the world’s newest and best EV. The Mirai will go about 300 miles on a single charge and get 153 horsepower. Come see us here at Dick Dyer Toyota to learn more about the Mirai and how Toyota is turning the future to the present today.