The Totally Redesigned 2013 Toyota Avalon

Inspired, local, sleek, innovative, unlike anything done before: these are just some of the things people are saying about the 2013 Toyota Avalon.

When it came to redesigning this popular full-size sedan, Toyota decided to make it personal. The designers of this new model decided to take their own tastes and wants and use them to create the 2013 Avalon. From its sleek and modern exterior to a colorful touch screen display to top of the line leather trim, the new Avalon is a car that simply put, you want to drive.

You might be picking up on the “sleek” and “inspired” side of the Avalon, but you may still be wondering about it being “local.” Let us explain: having been designed in Newport Beach California, engineered in Ann Arbor Michigan, and assembled in Georgetown, Kentucky, the 2013 Avalon is American through and through. This model was made for America.

In order to show off the new features and styling, the Avalon hit the road and visited Dallas’ annual Culinary Event, the New York Auto Show, and even the Fair Saint Louis. People were excited to see its angled exterior design and luxury features. Soon people will be seeing it driving through the streets as well.

While the 2013 Avalon has not reached Dick Dyer Toyota yet, you can find out more about this new sedan, read model highlights, and sign up for updates at the Toyota Avalon Experience website.  Excited to see the 2013 Avalon for yourself? We sure are!