Toyota’s New Excess Wear and Use Protection Plan

Leasing a vehicle has its perks but it can also cause added stress and concern. Leasees often wonder what they will be charged if their leased car is dented, dinged, or scratched. And what if a rock hits the windshield or a part falls off?

Toyota understands these concerns and that is why Toyota Financial Services developed a new Excess Wear & Use protection plan (EWU). This plan is offered to leasees and takes care of any charges the customer would be responsible for at the end of the lease because of excess use and wear. This includes:

  • Interior stains, burns, or cuts
  • Tire, rim, or hubcap damage
  • Broken or scratched windshield, mirrors, or lights
  • Bumper dents, dings, or scratches
  • Body dents
  • Missing parts or equipment

Toyota is excited to offer this new EWU plan and to make the leasing process even more enjoyable and pain free. Contact Toyota Customer Service at 1-800-331-4331 with any questions you have.