Next Generation Prius Boasts Bolder Image

Toyota revealed the next-generation Prius not long ago and the new design is striking and bold. The new Prius, hitting dealer lots next year, follows the way of the Camry and Corolla, designed to be much bolder and more recognizable. The gas-electric hybrid became a bestseller with its previous design and the new model looks to capitalize on that success.

With competitors of every size and price, the hybrid market is much more competitive than it once was. To unveil the car, Toyota introduced it by hoisting the vehicle above a crowd outside a Las Vegas hotel.

In all, the new Prius is longer and sleeker than the current model. New headlamps and a prominent rear spoiler are just a few of the most notable cosmetic changes.

Mechanically, the new Prius has a revamped suspension and some great new safety features. It’s also expected to see fuel economy improve by 10% over the previous model, which earned 51 mpg in the city.

More than 3.5 million Priuses have been sold since it first went on sale in Japan in 1997. Toyota’s capitalized on the popularity of the hybrid over the past few years by adding new models of all sizes and prices. Now with a new design, the Prius looks sharper and should be ready to take on the market once again.

We here at Dick Dyer Toyota are very excited to see the new Prius!

Toyota Accepts Pikes Peak Challenge

Colorado’s Pikes Peak will be the racing site for high-performance electric vehicles next month, including a Toyota TMG EV P002 motorsport.

This 12.4 mile course along the mountain will allow electric motors to race up one at a time. This exciting event has attracted many car companies over the past few years and Toyota believes that their motorsport has a shot at winning after setting an electric lap record at the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

The course for this race is quite different from the average racecar course.  Fumio Nutahara, driver of the Toyota TMG EV P002, along with the drivers will start off at an altitude of 9,390 feet and complete 156 total turns to reach the final destination at the 14,110 feet summit.

There will be one winner only on July 8. Check in to see if the TMG EV P002 can triumph over the other models on Pikes Peak.

Toyota Prius Boasts Title of “2012 Best Green Car to Buy”

It’s safe to say that nearly everyone has heard of the Toyota Prius. This hybrid vehicle has become synonymous with fuel efficiency and saving money at the pump. But now, you may have more of a reason than ever to buy this hybrid.

The Toyota Prius was just named the 2012 Best Green Car to Buy by And the best part? The Prius alone did not win, but rather the whole Prius family, set to be released in 2012. GreenCarReports sought out several components when making their decision, including price range, availability, and of course environmental-friendliness.

The Toyota Prius family will include four vehicles. Here is a breakdown of each model’s highlights:

  • Prius Liftback: 50 mpg combined
  • Prius V: 58% more cargo space than the Liftback, 44 mpg city
  • Prius Plug-in Hybrid: seating for five, 87 mpg combined in electric mode, 49 mpg combined in hybrid mode
  • Prius c: spirited driving dynamics, estimated to deliver more than 50 mpg city

Since the Prius was named the Best Green Car to Buy, stop by Dick Dyer Toyota today and get your efficient and green Toyota Prius!