Consumer Reports Green Car Top Pick: The Toyota Prius

Consumer Reports Green Car Top Pick

Everyone knows that the Toyota Prius single-handedly created the hybrid vehicle market. Or as Consumer Reports puts it, the Prius “transformed an early-adopter technology into a mainstream player.”

As far as Consumer Reports is concerned, the Prius is a bit of a teacher’s pet. But you can’t hold it against the compact EV for possessing “affordability, stellar fuel economy, smart packaging, and blue-chip reliability.”

This year, CR awarded the Toyota Prius with its Top Pick honors for the Green Car category. It should be noted that this is only the twelfth year in a row that the Prius has received such an honor.

But ultimately, being a green car, the name of the game is economy. People interested in the Toyota Prius are interested in an economical package (not to mention, an environmentally-conscious one). That’s why the Prius is the Consumer Reports Green Car Top Pick.  It’s “the perfect economical transportation solution.”