Tips on How To Wax Your Car

How to Wax Your Car

Make your car look as good as new with these tips on how to wax your car!

You’ve washed your car and got the bugs off, but now you need to keep it clean. Waxing your car is the perfect way to preserve your car’s paint and keep it looking good over its lifespan. If you aren’t interested in keeping your car and want to sell it down the road, waxing will increase its resale value as well. No matter the reason, we here at Dick Dyer Toyota can help you with our expert tips on how to wax your car.

The first thing you’ll need to acquire, to properly wax your car, is an electric orbital buffer. You can wax your car by hand but that isn’t nearly as efficient. Owning a buffer will also give you the chance to get rid of any light scratches before you apply the wax.

Once you’re done buffing, apply some car wax to a clean pad. Pulse the trigger to apply the wax evenly across the surface of the car. Holding the trigger continuously could cause the wax to cake and that doesn’t look good.

Once you’ve applied the wax, check the bottle to determine how long it needs to sit before removal. When it’s ready, take a microfiber cloth and wipe in circular motions for that high gloss shine.

Car Organization Tips to “Fall” For

Your kids are back in school and you’re back to chauffeuring them, their friends and their books, gadgets and equipment all over town. In the past, having a busy family has typically equated to having a messy car. Howver, at Dick Dyer Toyota, we believe that this doesn’t have to be true. We have compiled some great car organization tips to help keep your vehicle in tip top shape throughout the year.

1)      Use a plastic cereal storage container as a trash can. This will help keep your kids’ snack trash from finding its way all over the floor of your car. Also, the snap close top means that trash won’t go rolling out if it tips over.

2)      Use plastic shower caddy for eating. You can put food and snacks in the openings where shampoo would normally go so you no longer have to eat out of the drive-thru bag…or off of your lap. This is great for famiy dinners on-the-go.

3)     Invest in a good trunk organizer. You can find them online and at various organization stores. This will keep your cargo from rolling around in your trunk.

4)      Fill an old tissue box with plastic bags. Sweaty socks? Rain-soaked clothes? No problem! You have plenty of spare bags to keep your cabin neat and clean.

5)      Keep snacks in a plastic, sectioned organizer. With the different sections, you can fill with different types of snacks. This eliminates the various bags and boxes that get thrown around in the back seat of the car.

We hope that this will help your family get everywhere you need to go without a hitch- or a spill! Let us know how you keep your car organized during these busy fall months.