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Your car is your sanctuary. It’s how you get to the places and people that matter most to you. It’s where you spend countless hours by yourself, indulging in some “me” time. It’s the one place that is truly yours, from that tacky air freshener hanging from the rearview mirror to the lucky stuffed animal sitting on your dashboard. And as your sanctuary, don’t you want to make sure your car remains as clean as possible?

In addition to regular cleaning and detailing, floor mats are a great way to preserve the cleanliness and quality of your car. Whether you go with all-weather or carpet, floor mats do wonders in protecting the interior of your vehicle as well as trap dirt and debris.

All-Weather Floor Mats

Toyota All Weather Floor MatsToyota all-weather floor mats are made of durable material and are stain resistant. They consist of a unique ribbed design that produces channels perfect for collecting dirt and moisture and keeping it away from the interior of your car. Whether the culprit is muddy shoes or a leaky cooler, Toyota all-weather floor mats will make sure your car is protected.

In addition, Toyota floor mats are designed to fit perfectly into the interior of your vehicle. You can tell by the embossed model logo which is found on every Genuine Toyota floor mat. And with quarter-turn fasteners, you can be sure that these mats won’t slip out of place.

Carpet Floor Mats

Toyota Carpet Floor MatsFor those who still want to uphold the interior of their Toyota but don’t like the utilitarian look of all-weather mat varieties, carpet floor mats are the answer for you. Much like all-weather mats, the carpet option is meant to protect your interior upholstery. But because they are made of durable nylon carpeting, these floor mats can handle a high amount of foot traffic while still matching the color and style of your car.

Carpet floor mats are also made to fit specifically in your Toyota model and also feature the model logo. Quarter-turn fasteners are essential in keeping the carpet floor mat in place. Even on the driver’s side where pedals could get in the way, Toyota carpet floor mats safely stay in place.

You could get some floor mats at a discount store and struggle with low quality materials and ill-fitting sizes. Or you could choose Genuine Toyota floor mats and be rest assured that they will not only fit perfectly, but will last for a very long time – maybe even as long as your Toyota does.

To purchase Toyota floor mats, visit the Dick Dyer Toyota Parts and Accessories department on 240 Killian Commons Parkway in Columbia SC. You can also order your floor mats online with the convenient online ordering form found on the Dick Dyer Toyota website.

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