Toyota’s One Bold Choice Campaign Features Purdy and Ali

If you caught the Super Bowl, then you might’ve noticed the Toyota One Bold Choice campaign. Featuring Paralympic medalist, Amy Purdy, and the voice of Muhammad Ali, the new campaign is enough to give anyone goose bumps.

According to Toyota, the new campaign is designed to encourage drivers to live bold new lifestyles, just like Purdy and Ali have. Those of you that are Dancing with the Stars fans might recognize Purdy from the show. Purdy’s daring lifestyle includes running, snowboarding, and ballroom dancing, and has inspired countless individuals.

“To say I’m honored to be in this spot airing during the game would be an understatement,” said Purdy. “All my life I’ve been faced with choices, and I’ve been determined to be bold through every one of them. I have a great relationship with Toyota, and to be in an ad that encourages others to persevere and be bold in their own lives is something that is hard to accurately put into words.”

Not only that, but the One Bold Choice campaign also features the voice of Muhammad Ali, world-famous boxer. In fact, Ali’s “How Great I Am” speech can be heard in the background. Aside from this new ad, Toyota is also highlighting the players as successful fathers during the Super Bowl. To become a part of the conversation, Twitter users can engage with the hashtag #OneBoldChoice, or join the conversation at Dick Dyer Toyota!

The Toyota 100 Cars for Good Campaign 2013

Toyota 100 Cars for GoodWhen October 1st hits, it means a couple of things: the beginning of fall weather, Halloween costume shopping, preparation for thanksgiving and the holiday season. But let’s not forget that it also means the launch of Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good program!

From October 1 through November 19, Toyota will be giving away two cars a day to deserving organizations and causes. Two cars a day for 50 days equal 100 cars for a 100 good causes!

How does Toyota decide who the lucky winners are? Well, by employing the your help! Every day, Toyota announces 5 finalists and each voter is able to vote for their 2 favorites. The two organizations that receive the most votes that day receive the free car! 5 new finalists are announced every day until November 19 at which point the 100th car will be given away.

Voting is easy. Simply visit the 100 Cars for Good Facebook page or download the app. There are a lot of organizations that desperately need a new Toyota car to assist in their efforts. All it takes is a quick vote to make this happen for 100 deserving groups!