Genuine Toyota Parts: TrueStart Batteries

Toyota Car BatteryIs it hard to start your car? Have you noticed the headlights and interior lights aren’t as bright as they used to be? That probably means that it is time to replace your car’s battery.

With so many brands to choose from at a variety of prices, buying a new battery is a big decision. But Toyota is here to help. We have the battery options that fit your needs and are made specifically to work with your Toyota vehicle. Far from chancing it with some generic brand, choosing a Genuine Toyota Battery is the reliable and economical choice, which will keep your car running smoothly for years to come.

What to Look For in a New Battery

The quality and performance of a car battery depend on two factors: cold cranking amps (CCA) and reserve capacity (RC). Think of the CCA as the initial “oomph” that gets your engine started. The RC on the other hand, is what allows the battery to hold a charge. It also contributes to the longevity of the battery because it is responsible for providing that initial oomph power over and over again.

Many brands claim to have a high CCA as a way to set their battery apart. But in reality, a well performing battery should not have a high CCA at all. What is important is to have a proper ratio between the CCA and RC. If these components are not balanced, then the battery will not be able to hold a charge as well and therefore its longevity will suffer.

Toyota TrueStart Battery

Genuine Toyota Batteries

All Genuine Toyota TrueStart batteries have been approved by Toyota Engineers to meet their strict standards for high performance and quality. These batteries offer the optimal CCA and RC balance to deliver reliability all year round, year after year.

Toyota TrueStart Battery Options

Toyota offers two varieties of Genuine Toyota batteries, TrueStart and True2, both of which truck.

The TrueStart battery offers a longer life, increased heat resistance, higher corrosion resistance, quicker recharge, and an 84-month warranty. In addition to this exceptional warranty, the TrueStart battery is offered with a 24-month free replacement and a 60-month proration plan.

Toyota True2 Battery

The True2 battery is a heavy-duty Genuine Toyota battery option, manufactured with high vibration resistance. This battery comes with a 60-month warranty, 18-month free replacement, and 42-month proration plan.

Instead of buying whatever battery is on sale, choose a Genuine Toyota battery. These batteries are made specifically to work with your Toyota vehicle and meet industry and Toyota standards of quality and performance. Plus, the warranties that come standard on either Toyota battery ensure that no matter what life throws your way, you will be covered.

To purchase your Toyota TrueStart or True2 battery in Columbia SC, visit Dick Dyer Toyota’s Part Department at 270 Killian Commons Parkway. You can also order parts online by visiting

How Long Will the Prius Hybrid Battery Last?

2013 Toyota PriusWith a combined mpg of 50 miles per gallon and being the highest mileage gas-powered car in America, the Toyota Prius pretty much sells itself. It’s spacious, trendy, and super duper eco-friendly and efficient. But that doesn’t mean that people don’t have their doubts. There is one component of the Prius that makes people unsure about the purchase of this hybrid: its battery.

We can understand this concern; why buy a car for its efficiency and cost effectiveness if you are going to have to replace the battery every couple of years? Luckily with the Prius, these concerns are just a distant memory.

Toyota Hybrid Synergy DriveThe 2013 Toyota Prius is fitted with a Hybrid Synergy Drive hybrid battery that is under warranty for 8 years/ 160,000 KM (roughly 99,500 miles). That’s a longer warranty than some cars! But more than that, the Prius’ hybrid battery is designed to last as long as the car does. This gives drivers the peace of mind that not only will they have an ultra fuel efficient car, but they will have a well-made, long-lasting hybrid battery as well.

So, to summarize:

  • The Prius Battery is under warranty for  8 years/ 160,000 KM (roughly 99,500 miles)
  • However, it is designed to last the duration of the life of the car
  • It is very rare to have to replace a hybrid battery

And you may not know that the Prius’ hybrid battery charges itself while you are driving – it’s true! Every time you brake or slow down, the battery get a recharge boost so you never have to plug it in! Plus when you are driving at moderate to slow speeds, the Prius is using only battery power, no gas. No wonder this thing is so efficient!

Now that we have put all of your hybrid-related concerns to rest, stop by Dick Dyer Toyota to get your 2013 Prius! We have the original Prius, the Prius v, and the Prius c. Start saving money and gas today with the Toyota Prius!