Used Car Sales in Columbia SC

2006 Toyota Prius

2006 Toyota Prius

We know what you like: good cars at even better prices. Well, we listened! In addition to our large selection of used cars and used trucks, we have a special selection of used cars under $10,000. Now that’s something to talk about.

Just because you need to buy a car doesn’t mean that you have to clear your bank account. With Dick Dyer Toyota, you can be rest assured that you are getting the best deal on your used car purchase.

Check out these used cars under $10,000 that are currently available at Dick Dyer Toyota:

  • 2006 Honda Accord: $8,988

Gold exterior, power windows, power locks, keyless entry, CD player, security system, leather-wrapped steering wheel, heated front seats, automatic climate control

Blue exterior, remote keyless entry, leather-wrapped steering wheel, 4 speaker stereo system with CD player, daytime running lights

  • 2003 Jeep Liberty: $7,988

Silver exterior, power locks and windows, cruise control, roof luggage rack, air conditioning, fog lamps, tonneau cover and storage net

  • 2003 Honda Civic: $5,988

Black exterior, anti-theft system, CD player, power sunroof, keyless entry, cruise control, power locks and windows, air conditioning

Red exterior, push button start, steering wheel-mounted audio controls, CD player, heated exterior mirrors, multi-informational display

Gray exterior, CD player, air conditioning, daytime running lights, anti-theft engine immobilizer, auto on/off headlamps, map lights

  • 2001 Nissan Altima: $5,242

Blue exterior, power windows, anti-theft system, tilting steering wheel,

2003 Toyota 4Runner

2003 Toyota 4Runner

child locks, rear window defroster, map pockets

Black exterior, power windows and locks, remote keyless entry, cruise control, CD player, air conditioning, fog lamps

To find out more about these affordable used cars, head on over to the Dick Dyer Toyota website. Also feel free to call or stop by the dealership. We’ve got the used cars you’re looking for!

Toyota Prius Persona Series

Prius Persona TiresOn its own, the Toyota Prius is a pretty unique car. Not only is it an ultra-efficient hybrid, it also offers a unique body shape and more features than your run of the mill sedan. But Toyota wanted to take it a step further, wanted to make the Prius a truly personalized and made-for-you kind of car. Enter the Persona Series, new for the 2013 model year.

Persona Seats

The Prius Persona Series allows owners to have a truly personalized Prius, set apart by its exclusive features and finishes. To start off, the Persona Series comes with dark-red interior stitching and dark chrome accents, modern and sleek touches not found on other Prius models. Sounds  pretty great already, huh?

Toyota Entune

What’s more, the Prius Persona flaunts 17-inch alloy wheels with a premium finish, light and comfortable charcoal SofTex trimmed seats, dark chrome interior knobs and door grips, and Toyota Entune with an integrated backup camera.With the Prius Persona, you have everything you need in a hybrid, all in one attractive trim.

Want to see the Prius Persona for yourself? Stop by Dick Dyer Toyota in Columbia SC! We look forward to showing you what it feels like to drive a Prius!

Toyota Prius Persona

Dick Dyer Toyota Used Car Sales

Used Car SaleBuying a used car is a great value; you get all the benefits of owning a newer model year car without the high price and instant depreciation. And don’t forget about used car sales, making an affordable purchase even more worth your while!

Dick Dyer Toyota is running a sale on select used cars, going on now at their Columbia, SC dealership. These used car sales include a number of late model-year pre-owned vehicles. This means that you can enjoy new safety and technological features without paying full price for a new car.

Here are the used car sales Dick Dyer Toyota is currently offering:

• 2010 Toyota Prius Three
• 2010 Toyota Prius Four
• 2011 Hyundai Sonata Ltd
• 2011 Chevy HHR LT
• 2007 Kia Sportage LX
• 2007 Nissan Murano
• 2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara
• 2012 Toyota Corolla LE

All of these used cars come with a CARFAX Vehicle History Report and several are covered by the Dick Dyer Toyota Nationwide Lifetime Warranty. For more information about these cars, their price and mileage, please visit Dick Dyer Toyota’s website.

We look forward to seeing you at the dealership and helping you find a great used car!

How Long Will the Prius Hybrid Battery Last?

2013 Toyota PriusWith a combined mpg of 50 miles per gallon and being the highest mileage gas-powered car in America, the Toyota Prius pretty much sells itself. It’s spacious, trendy, and super duper eco-friendly and efficient. But that doesn’t mean that people don’t have their doubts. There is one component of the Prius that makes people unsure about the purchase of this hybrid: its battery.

We can understand this concern; why buy a car for its efficiency and cost effectiveness if you are going to have to replace the battery every couple of years? Luckily with the Prius, these concerns are just a distant memory.

Toyota Hybrid Synergy DriveThe 2013 Toyota Prius is fitted with a Hybrid Synergy Drive hybrid battery that is under warranty for 8 years/ 160,000 KM (roughly 99,500 miles). That’s a longer warranty than some cars! But more than that, the Prius’ hybrid battery is designed to last as long as the car does. This gives drivers the peace of mind that not only will they have an ultra fuel efficient car, but they will have a well-made, long-lasting hybrid battery as well.

So, to summarize:

  • The Prius Battery is under warranty for  8 years/ 160,000 KM (roughly 99,500 miles)
  • However, it is designed to last the duration of the life of the car
  • It is very rare to have to replace a hybrid battery

And you may not know that the Prius’ hybrid battery charges itself while you are driving – it’s true! Every time you brake or slow down, the battery get a recharge boost so you never have to plug it in! Plus when you are driving at moderate to slow speeds, the Prius is using only battery power, no gas. No wonder this thing is so efficient!

Now that we have put all of your hybrid-related concerns to rest, stop by Dick Dyer Toyota to get your 2013 Prius! We have the original Prius, the Prius v, and the Prius c. Start saving money and gas today with the Toyota Prius!

The Toyota Prius c

When it comes to hybrid cars, there are more and more models, brands, and options popping up all the time. But don’t be fooled. Your best bet for an efficient yet affordable hybrid is the Toyota Prius c. Simply put, it is one of the most affordable hybrid cars out there.

The Prius c delivers an incredible 53 miles per gallon city and 46 miles per gallon highway. While the Prius c is smaller than its original Prius counterpart, this hybrid still comfortably seats five.

Whether you choose normal driving mode, ECO, or EV, you are sure to be impressed with the results you obtain. Watch this video to find out more about the various modes of the Toyota Prius c:

Toyota Hybrids at Dick Dyer Toyota

Have gas prices got you wishing you rode a bicycle to work? Well consider that driving a car doesn’t have to equate to filling a gas tank every single week.

In comes the hybrid. Toyota is proud to offer many hybrid vehicles, five of which can be purchased at Dick Dyer Toyota.

Firstly is the Toyota Prius, arguably the most popular and efficient hybrid out there. This beauty gets an astonishing 51 mpg city / 48 mpg highway.

2012 Toyota Prius v

2012 Toyota Prius v

For those who like the look and feel of the Prius but would like more space, there is the Toyota Prius v. This model is a wagon version of the original Prius and features more interior space, versatile options for carrying cargo, and a larger trunk. Fuel economy is estimated at 44 mpg city / 40 mpg highway.

Toyota knows that bigger isn’t always better, however. That’s why they offer the all-new Prius c, which is meant for city driving. This model is smaller, lighter, and gets better city fuel economy at 53 mpg city.

The ever popular Toyota Camry and Highlander also come in hybrid variants. The Camry Hybrid achieves 40 mpg city / 38 mpg highway while the Highlander Hybrid boasts 28 mpg city and highway.

Why punish yourself at the pump? Get a Hybrid from Dick Dyer Toyota and start saving today!

Ten Toyota Cars Receive Top Safety Pick Award

Think you know what makes a safe car? Well Toyota sure does. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety awarded ten Toyota models with their coveted Top Safety Pick award.

In order to be declared a Top Safety Pick, vehicles must go through rigorous crash testing of frontal, side, rear, and rollover crashes. Ten Toyota cars managed to do extremely well in all of these areas: the Avalon, Camry, Corolla, Highlander, Prius, Prius V, Sienna, Tundra Crew Cab, Venza, and Yaris.

Looking for a safe and secure Toyota? Come to Dick Dyer Toyota today!

Toyota Prius Boasts Title of “2012 Best Green Car to Buy”

It’s safe to say that nearly everyone has heard of the Toyota Prius. This hybrid vehicle has become synonymous with fuel efficiency and saving money at the pump. But now, you may have more of a reason than ever to buy this hybrid.

The Toyota Prius was just named the 2012 Best Green Car to Buy by And the best part? The Prius alone did not win, but rather the whole Prius family, set to be released in 2012. GreenCarReports sought out several components when making their decision, including price range, availability, and of course environmental-friendliness.

The Toyota Prius family will include four vehicles. Here is a breakdown of each model’s highlights:

  • Prius Liftback: 50 mpg combined
  • Prius V: 58% more cargo space than the Liftback, 44 mpg city
  • Prius Plug-in Hybrid: seating for five, 87 mpg combined in electric mode, 49 mpg combined in hybrid mode
  • Prius c: spirited driving dynamics, estimated to deliver more than 50 mpg city

Since the Prius was named the Best Green Car to Buy, stop by Dick Dyer Toyota today and get your efficient and green Toyota Prius!