The Ins and Outs of Checking Your Oil

Check Engine LightWhat’s most important to you in life? Your family, your career, your pet? For some people, it might even be the amount of money in their bank account.

But for a car, the answer is simple: oil. Oil is the most important part of a car’s life; it is the thing that keeps it going, day after day.

No wonder you always hear about oil changes, oil change specials, oil change coupons, oil change this, oil change that. All of that hype isn’t just a marketing ploy. Oil changes really are that important.

So when do you need an oil change? You could follow your car’s manufacturer service guide, but even that is not 100% accurate because it does not take into account your unique driving experience. Your best bet is to regularly check your oil to monitor when it needs to be changed.

This of course brings up another deep and philosophical question: how do I do that!? Don’t worry – this short video will show you everything you need to know about checking your oil. It’s easier than you think! And remember that when it is time to change your oil, the Dick Dyer Toyota Service Department is here is to help!

The Dick Dyer Original Body Shop Receives a Makeover

Dick Dyer Body Shop Located just down the road from Dick Dyer Toyota, the Dick Dyer Original Body Shop has long been the place for collision repair and auto painting in Columbia. That has never been truer than now, thanks to the Body Shop’s revamped building, new equipment, and updated amenities.

Starting with the building itself, the Body Shop was recently expanded to almost 5,000 square feet, resulting in a more spacious, well lit, and child friendly environment. The business office was also expanded, offering more service desks to meet the needs of customers.

In addition, insurance claims have become more convenient and hassle free since the Dick Dyer Body Shop – they have extended their relationship with numerous major insurance companies and fully trained their staff on the claiming process. Plus, the Body Shop has added a satellite Enterprise Rental Car office next to their building that can bill your insurance company directly, making the rental process easier than ever.

And the Dick Dyer Original Body Shop can’t be beat when it comes to auto painting and touch up work now that they have purchased new ultra-efficient painting equipment. This means that emissions resulting from the painting process will be decreased while the quality of the paint work will be unmatched.

Dick Dyer Body Shop Don’t trust your collision repair and auto maintenance to just anyone. The Dick Dyer Original Body Shop has a new ongoing training program that ensures all technicians are up to date on the latest techniques and have met the requirements to receive the highest level of certification. You know you car is in good hands when you choose Dick Dyer.

The Dick Dyer Original Body Shop performs collision repair and service on all makes and models and is located at 3215 Two Notch Road in Columbia, South Carolina. The Body Shop is open from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday. To schedule an appointment, call (888)522-5578 or visit We look forward to working with you!

Check-In to Dick Dyer Toyota to Check-Out Great Savings

check-in and receive service discounts We all do it: Check-in at the mall, check-in work, even check-in at home. Whether you do it through Facebook or Foursquare, chances are you are checking in just about anywhere.

Did you check-in the last time you were at the Dick Dyer Toyota Service Department? You should have because Dick Dyer Toyota is offering special savings to customers who check-in to the dealership.

If you aren’t an avid check-in fanatic, that’s ok. All you have to do is check in through your Facebook account or sign up for Foursquare for free. Next, register for the Dick Dyer Toyota Check-In Program. And just like that, you will start saving big on services performed at the dealership.

Want more information about this awesome program? Just give the friendly folks at Dick Dyer Toyota a call at 803-786-4111 or complete a Contact Us form on their website. You have to get your car serviced anyway; why not save money by checking into Dick Dyer Toyota!

The Dick Dyer Toyota Big Tire Sale

Dick Dyer Toyota is excited to announce that their Big Tire Sale is back! Customers will be given a sale of a lifetime on new tires: buy four tires for the price of three! You can’t beat a deal like that!

The huge tire sale begins this Saturday, October 20 and lasts until October 26. Schedule your service appointment now to buy your new tires and have them installed by the Dick Dyer Toyota Service Department staff.

We at Dick Dyer Toyota are pleased to offer this sale to our loyal customers and look forward to getting a brand new set of tire on your car for a great low price! Feel free to give us a call at (803) 786-4111 for more information. Your satisfaction is our number one priority!


DDT Huge TIre Sale

Find Wholesale Auto Parts at Dick Dyer Toyota

Whether for routine upkeep or in the event of an accident or damage, we all have to replace auto parts from time to time. But just because it is necessary to purchase new auto parts doesn’t mean you have to break the bank doing it.

Dick Dyer Toyota is pleased to offer a huge variety of wholesale auto parts to the greater Columbia area. Because they are wholesale, we have a great selection at affordable, low prices. Next time you need a new part, stop by our Parts Department for:

  • Bumpers
  • Batteries
  • Tires
  • Wheels
  • Wiper Blades
  • Air Filters
  • Gauges
  • Headlights
  • Sensors
  • Brakes

Dick Dyer Toyota specializes in the workings of Toyota vehicles and has a wide variety of Genuine Toyota Parts at their dealership.

We also offer a fast and easy online ordering form. After ordering the part for you, we can then install it as well. Not sure what part you need? Give us a call at (803) 786-4111 and we will help you determine what you need.

Get your wholesale auto parts at Dick Dyer Toyota today!

Summer Tire Care

Summer is fast approaching and you know what that means: road trips! It’s the time of year for packing up the car and heading to your favorite vacation destination. Although summer vacations mean several care-free days for you and your family, it could mean the opposite for your car.

Between the hot weather, long drives, heavy loads, and high speeds, road trips could mean disaster for your tires. What would be worse on your summer vacation than getting a flat tire on a busy and unknown highway?

Make sure that you are prepared before you hit the road. Follow these easy tips to ensure the health of your tires before, during, and after your summer vacation:

  • Visibly check the tires: make sure there are no signs of damage
  • Make sure tires are properly inflated: check the owner’s manual for recommended inflation pressure
  • Check that the car is not overloaded
  • Check the tire tread: low tread or bald tires should be replaced
  • Follow the speed limit: driving too fast in hot weather could be dangerous for your tires

Take a quick 15 minutes to complete these steps. Then all that’s left to do is pack the luggage, strap in the kids, and hit the road!

Maintenance Tips: Changing Your Car’s Air & Fuel Filter

You might not know that changing your car’s air filter and fuel filter is almost as important as changing the oil. Your last oil change might have included a fuel filter change but if it didn’t, your fuel filter could be nearly useless because of the repeated buildup of dust and debris.

As for the air filter, you probably wouldn’t even be able to guess the last time it was replaced.

So are these services really necessary? How important is it to replace these filters? Well, here are the basics of car filters:

Fuel Filter:

The fuel filter works to trap debris in gasoline, ranging from dirt particles to rust. When the filter becomes old and clogged, the debris is no longer filtered out, causing rapid wear of the fuel injection system and fuel pump. In addition, the fuel efficiency of the car will decrease.

Again if the fuel filter is not replaced at regular intervals, it will begin to rust and adhere to the fuel line, making it extremely difficult to remove it and install a new one.  Having it replaced at the appropriate times will prevent these hassles.

Air Filter:

This filter is meant to cleanse the air that is traveling through the engine area. If said air contains dust, debris, gravel, or sand, the air filter will trap these particles and prevent them from entering the engine. In addition, the air filter cleanses the air that enters the vehicle cabin. So it not only creates clean air for the engine, but it also creates clean air for the passengers.

Over time the air filter becomes clogged and less effective. To compensate, the engine will use more fuel to try to extract the air, wasting gas. The performance of your engine and your car’s fuel efficiency will be greatly aided by a new air filter, a simple auto service that does not cost that much.

For more information on when to replace these filters, check your owner’s manual. Been awhile since you’ve replaced these? Come on down to the Dick Dyer Toyota Service Department and we will take care of all of your maintenance needs today!

Dick Dyer Toyota Service Department

You probably already know that routine car maintenance is needed to keep your car performing at its best. But sometimes the cost and hassle of a service appointment might keep you away from the body shop.

Not so with Dick Dyer Toyota. Our Service Department is staffed by Toyota and/or ASE certified technicians who know how to take care of your car. They have the advantage of the latest tools and technologies as well as a high-tech facility.

The Dick Dyer Toyota Service Department wants to make your service appointment as convenience as possible. That is why they offer a quick and easy online scheduling form, WIFI for those waiting on a car, and free popcorn and beverages.

So stop with the excuses. Come to the convenient and affordable Service Department at Dick Dyer Toyota!