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Why Do You Need Car Insurance?

Why You Need Car Insurance

If you’ve ever been in a car accident, odds are you already know how expensive they can be and you probably have car insurance as a result. One in eight drivers chooses to forego car insurance and that can be a major problem. With over six million accidents every year, insurance is a necessity. Here’s some information on why you need car insurance from us here at Dick Dyer Toyota!

  • Accidents can happen anywhere. You’ve probably seen cars pulled off on the side of the road due to an accident. They can happen anywhere and when they do, they usually aren’t pretty. Property damage alone costs $9,300 on average according to the National Safety Council. Once you add in medical expenses, that number can rise above $80,000.
  • Accidents can happen at any time. Day or night, accidents can happen. While you may be confident in your ability, you aren’t the only driver on the road. If you have car insurance, you’re covered no matter who causes an accident.
  • Insurance might be required by law. Many states require every driver to maintain a minimum amount of coverage. While the amount can vary state to state, the punishments are generally the same. Getting caught on the road without insurance can lead to a suspended license, impounded vehicle, and hefty fines. Avoiding all of that is as easy as making a monthly car insurance payment.

Toyota’s J.D. Power Dependability Rankings

The J.D. Power Dependability Ranking scores are in and Toyota’s done extremely well. Lexus, Toyota’s luxury brand, took the top spot in overall annual vehicle dependability. That’s a good sign for Toyota customers as luxury features trickle down to the mainstream Toyota brand over time. To determine the rankings, J.D. Power researchers surveyed 33,560 owners of 2013 model year vehicles.

Entertainment technology was the main source of complaints across all brands. The main perpetrators were wireless connections between smartphones and vehicles and voice-recognition software. More recently, many automakers have turned to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to solve the recurring issues in newer models.

Technology-related comments weren’t all bad though.

“The technologies people were most satisfied with were collision-avoidance features such as lane-departure alerts or blind-spot monitoring,” said Renee Stephens, J.D. Power vice president of US automotive.

Toyota and Lexus took a combined top six spots in the highest ranking vehicles in their segments. Lexus took compact premium car, midsize premium car, and midsize premium SUV.

Toyota matched the luxury brand, taking three categories as well. The Toyota Tundra grabbed large light-duty pickup honor, while the Prius v nabbed compact MPV. The Toyota Sienna was also named the most dependable minivan.

We here at Dick Dyer Toyota are proud of Toyota results in the J.D. Power Dependability Rankings.

Toyota Buys Daihatsu Compact Car Division

Daihatsu has been a division of Toyota that focused on the compact segment since 1988, when Toyota owned 51 percent of the company and brought it under the brand’s umbrella. Since then, Daihatsu has mostly stayed out of the US, but contributed to the American car market by building some Scion cars, such as the recognizably unique Scion xB. However, Toyota recently purchased the rest of the company in order to focus on Daihatsu compact cars and bring smaller cars to the forefront of its brand.

It is exactly this sort of strategy that has kept the Toyota name as the number one best-selling global brand spot for the past five years. Not content to sit by, enjoy its success, and allow the other competing auto makers to catch up, Toyota took a look at its figures and discovered that minicars are the brand’s weakest lineup in terms of sales. In order to patch up that blight on its sales statistics, Toyota decided to purchase Daihatsu in order to bring the expertise and skills of a company experienced in the production of compact cars into its brand.

The arrangement means we’ll be seeing more Daihatsu compact cars on the market, as well as vehicles that the smaller brand name has made for both its parent company and, perhaps, for Scion’s lineup. Toyota will be bringing more competition to the compact segment following the integration of Daihatsu into the company.

Toyota Global Sales Remain Number One Best-Selling

Toyota global sales

Toyota has been a powerhouse in the international automobile industry for a long time, but over the past five years, the brand has seen a continuous stream of success. Toyota global sales were unveiled during January, making it clear that for the fifth year in a row, the brand has topped the list of best-selling automotive brands in the world.

If five years in a row isn’t impressive enough, Toyota only lost its chance at a nine-year streak in 2011, after it gave up the number one spot to General Motors following the earthquake that struck Japan. Before that, Toyota was the reigning champion throughout 2008, 2009, and 2010. Toyota and GM vehicles, as well as products from Volkswagen, make up about a third of all vehicles sold on Earth combined.

Toyota also has plans for strengthening its hold on the throne even longer. The brand just bought the remaining share of its subsidiary Daihatsu and is in talks with Suzuki to collaborate in India, a market that has long been dominated by Suzuki. There is no word yet on whether partnership negotiations have begun, but Toyota is considering the strategy.

Overall, Toyota global sales statistics say the company sold a grand total of 10.15 million vehicles over the course of 2015, besting VW’s reported total of 9.9 million and GM’s 9.8 million by a significant margin.

Toyota Mapping System Will Gather Real-Time Road Data

Toyota Mapping System

Digital mapping has been available on the internet and mobile devices for years, but there’s always progress that can be made in the field, even if it’s from an unexpected contributor.

Toyota plans to unveil a “high-precision” mapping system at the upcoming Consumer Electronic Show, one that will use digital cameras and GPS units already in Toyota cars today. Data gathered by cars through this method will be used to create a detailed digital map.

What good is another digital map database? This Toyota mapping system won’t be intended for human drivers but for the navigation of self-driving cars, which need continually updated street charts. Autonomous vehicles can then store and share information with other vehicles, based on real-time observations.

So far, the crowd-sourced technology is only being used to map roadways, but adapting it in the future would not be difficult.

We at Dick Dyer Toyota are continually amazed at the ideas provided by Toyota. Clearly this is why Toyota remains a leading innovator in the auto industry.

5 Great Restaurants in Columbia You Have to Try

Great Restaurants in Columbia

Driving a cool car is fun, but it’s even more fun when you can drive it to cool places! Columbia, South Carolina is filled with locations worth detouring to, including a wide selection of fancy, flavorful eateries. If you want to try a new bistro tonight, we suggest going to one of these great restaurants in Columbia.

  • Saluda’s: This upscale restaurant on Saluda Avenue serves up re-imagined Southern cuisine.
  • Alodia’s Cucina Italiana: Known as the best Italian eatery in the area, Alodia’s is a family restaurant where everything tastes like heaven.
  • Motor Supply Co. Bistro: We don’t just love this place for its name, but also for its innovative menu supplied by local ingredients.
  • Solstice Kitchen: A romantic place whose menu changes with the seasons, this intimate American restaurant will please your date and your taste buds.
  • Cellar on the Greene: While this bar specializes in a wide selection of wines, it also serves up simple, scrumptious dishes to accompany your drink.

Have any favorite restaurants you’d recommend?

Toyota Recognized as a Leader of Diversity at National Urban League Equal Opportunity Dinner

Toyota Recognized as a Leader of Diversity

The 59th annual National Urban League Equal Opportunity Dinner took place late last month, honoring an array of organizations, individuals, and corporations who have contributed to equality and diversity. Toyota was among the winners because of its place “at the forefront of empowering underserved communities and its dedication to corporate diversity.”

Jim Colon, the vice president of African American Business Strategy at Toyota, spoke on behalf of the company and its employees, saying “it’s truly an honor to receive the Corporate Leadership Award,” and that “the National Urban League is one of Toyota’s most valued and long-standing partners.”

Toyota has a long history of championing diversity and equal opportunity. In 2015, it was the only automaker named to Diversity Inc’s Top-50 list, which chooses the 50 American companies that show the highest dedication to improving the plight of the underprivileged and encouraging the growth of diversity and multiculturalism based on employment records, recruiting methods, outreach, and leadership.

Toyota is the most popular brand of choice for many minority groups in the US including the African American, Asian, and Latino communities, and the company has always sought to reach people of color through its advertising and philanthropy.

Safe Driving Advice: Holiday Travel Tips

holiday travel tips

As if the holidays aren’t stressful enough, they had to put them in the coldest and iciest months of the year, right when driving to your relative’s house two states away could not be less appealing. If you’re one of those unfortunate long distance drivers, follow these holiday travel tips to make your drive as safe and low-stress as possible.

First, before you leave, take your car for a checkup at the dealer. You don’t want to travel in a car that can’t take the distance or the cold. Once you’re given the all-clear, start preparing your vehicle and put together an emergency kit. This will come in handy in case you go skid off the road or have a breakdown.

When you drive long distances, you should only drive when you’re completely awake. Get a good night sleep the night before the trip and keep snacks and water in the car to keep you hydrated and energized. If you’re with another person who can drive, switch off frequently!

Figure out the route and driving times with the least traffic—this will bring down your stress levels and make it safer to drive.

Do you have any tips to add? Let us know in the comments below! Happy holidays, folks! Drive safe!

Toyota Teams up with the Cast of Back to the Future

Last month, we finally reached the prophetic date of October 21, 2015 that appears in Back to the Future Part II. While we may not have hoverboards to travel around upon, we do have some advanced technology that would impress the Doc.

According to a Toyota press release, Toyota has teamed up with the cast of Back to the Future.

Both Hollywood superstars that made the film a success, Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, appeared in a series of promotional spots for Toyota.

The advertisements focused in on the brand new Toyota Mirai, which represents the future of Toyota with its advanced hydrogen-based fuel system.

“This Back to the Future-inspired milestone has taken 30 years to arrive, and Toyota has been developing hydrogen fuel cell technology almost that long,” said Bill Fay, Toyota division group vice president and general manager.  “There’s no better way to generate excitement for a turning point in automotive history than with a film that celebrated the possibilities of the future.”

Perhaps they should trade out the DeLorean for a Toyota Mirai! Ready for your own Back to the Future adventure with Toyota? Check out our inventory of cars that are out of this world!

Three Upcoming Films Suitable for the Entire Family

Films Suitable for the Entire Family

A great way to spend time with the family is by heading to the movies. Fortunately, there are plenty of upcoming movies the family will love to watch! Here are three forthcoming films for the entire family.

  1. The Peanuts Movie (November 6th) – Good old Charlie Brown is back in this animated feature. Join the unlucky boy and his loyal dog Snoopy as they work together to try and reinvent Charlie Brown’s image at school to impress the new girl in town.
  2. The Good Dinosaur (November 25th)The Good Dinosaur is Pixar’s second film of the year, but it looks to be just as good as Inside Out. The film revolves around a dinosaur and a wild human. The film takes place in an imaginary world, in which the massive animals never became extinct.
  3. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (December 18th)Star Wars is the perfect film for the entire family. Now it is back, and so are all your favorite characters, like R2D2 and Chewbacca, along with some exciting new heroes and villains.

Have you seen any of these since their release date? Let us know in the comments below what you thought!