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Have You Heard about the Ferrari-Powered Toyota 86?

Ferrari-Powered Toyota 86

Ferrari-Powered Toyota 86

The Toyota 86 is already a highly regarded sports car around the world, but one driver thinks it could use a bit more power. Meet Ryan Tuerck, a professional drifting driver, and his seemingly crazy plan. Tuerck, unsatisfied with the sports car’s motor, is foregoing formalities and has put a Ferrari engine under the hood.

The Ferrari F136 V8 engine is stock in the Ferrari 458 Speciale and puts out nearly 600 hp. With several best engine awards under its belt, Tuerck clearly isn’t playing around.

The Toyota 86 is also known as the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S depending on what market you’re in. All three models will have the same build, including the engine. A Ferrari-powered Toyota 86 isn’t something that has ever been done before and we here at Dick Dyer Toyota can’t wait to see the end result!

Tuerck seems to be running into a few obstacles along his journey. For starters, the massive V8 engine is both taller and longer than the base 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. In order to make room for the motor, the team had to cut the car down.

This Ferrari-powered Toyota 86 won’t be used for competitions, which means Tuerck can make any modifications he wants or needs to in order for this monster to run soundly. That’s good news and hopefully we’ll see this wild ride sooner rather than later.

Fun Summer Activities for the Entire Family

Fun Summer Activities for the Entire FamilyFun For The Whole Family!

Whether you’re heading out on the road or spending the season at home, summer is a great for some rest and relaxation. You don’t have to take a vacation to have an excellent time this summer! In fact, everything you need could be right at home and you don’t even know it. Here are some of the best summer activities from us here at Dick Dyer Toyota to help you get the most out of the season.

  • Hammock – One of the most iconic ways to spend summer, laying in a hammock is as relaxing as can be. Once you have the hammock up, whether hung between trees or sitting on the porch, lay back and take a nice, long nap.
  • Grilling – Summer is a great time to try new recipes, whether it’s at a neighborhood barbecue or at a family gathering. From simple steps to complicated formulas, grilling is a great way to relax. Best of all, once most meats are on the grill, there’s little left to do but keep an eye out and enjoy the smell!
  • Swimming – A great way to beat the summer heat, swimming is a classic summer activity that anyone can enjoy. Hit up the local swimming pool or find a large swimming hole. Make sure to keep an eye on the kids!

Use These Tips to Keep Your Car Cool During the Summer

Keep Your Car Cool during the Summer

Summer is known for hot days and cool nights where friends and families come together for a time they’ll never forget. In order to get to a gathering, many summer drivers rely on their car. If your car isn’t in good shape, odds are you’ll find yourself (or your car) burning up. Here’s a few ways to keep your car cool during the summer from us here at Dick Dyer Toyota!

  1. Coolant – In charge of keeping your engine cool, it’s important to ensure you have plenty of coolant, also known as antifreeze. If you find your car is running low, just add more by following the instructions in your owner’s manual. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to check your oil as well since one of its main functions is to carry away excess heat.
  2. Windows – One of the more obvious ways to keep your car cool is to crack your windows while your car bakes in the hot sun. Doing so will allow hot air to escape.
  3. Air Conditioning – Hot air rises. Most drivers know that. By blowing air conditioning through the footwell vents upon starting the car, the hot air will be pushed up and out, leaving you with less time spent in the heat.

Did Someone Really Put a Ferrari Engine in a Toyota 86?

The Toyota 86, also known as the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ, has always been a small sports car that a massive amount of drivers could afford. While it usually boasts around 200 horsepower, that isn’t enough for some drivers. Take Ryan Tuerck for example. The professional drifting driver felt the Toyota 86 needed more power and he did something about it.

Tuerck took to the garage and got his hands on a Ferrari engine. The Ferrari F136 V8 engine currently powers the Ferrari 458 Speciale and is the recipient to a whole host of engine-oriented awards. Producing 597 horsepower, it’s a force to be reckoned with.

While the video doesn’t specifically show what model he’s working with, there’s little doubt that it initially topped out at less than 250 horsepower. By adding nearly 300 additional ponies, Tuerck is taking the small sports car to a new level. Take a good look because it’s not often you see a Ferrari-powered Toyota 86.

Ferrari supercars come stocked with electronic safety systems that prevent too much power hitting the rear wheels. The modified car more than likely doesn’t have any of that technology. However, given Tuerck’s reputation in drifting, he probably doesn’t need it. Keep in mind this driver tore through an abandoned Hawthorne mall in a Nissan equipped with more than 1,000 horsepower.

Here at Dick Dyer Toyota, we can’t wait to see the modified Toyota 86 in action!

Number of Toyota Hybrid Vehicles Reaches Milestone

Toyota Mirai

In 1997, Toyota transformed the automotive market with the Toyota Prius. When it first hit the scene, it was clear that this hybrid was no novelty car. It was–and still is–a well-balanced compact sedan featuring an extremely robust hybrid powertrain. In fact, since 2005, 95% of all Prius models sold are still on the road.

Did Toyota’s gamble on hybrid technology payoff? The truth is in the numbers. And the numbers are big.

Toyota just announced that it had produced its 9 millionth hybrid vehicle. But that’s not the whole story. Back in July, the number of Toyota hybrid vehicles had reached 8 million, meaning that Toyota made a million hybrid vehicles in only nine months! It’s an incredible feat that stands as stark testimony to the design and engineering prowess and business acumen of the automaker.

And now Toyota is set to revolutionize the green car market yet again with the Toyota Mirai. Instead of a hybrid powertrain, the Mirai features an innovative hydrogen fuel cell powertrain that delivers 302 miles in range, all the while emitting zero emissions.

Top Three State Parks in South Carolina

State Parks in South Carolina

Did you know there are 47 state parks in South Carolina? With that many, it can be hard to choose a destination, so here is our list of three of the best!

# 1 – Table Rock State Park Pickens

Table Rock State Park gets its name from the mountain that looms beautifully over the 3,000 acres that make up the park. The fun at this park is in the scenic hiking trails. Head down those time-worn paths and they’ll take you past stunning waterfalls and streams and up to the peaks of towering mountains.

# 2 – Edisto Beach State ParkEdisto Island

As far as oceanfront parks are concerned, Edisto Beach State Park is one of the finest. Camp right on the beach and fall asleep to the sound of waves softly crashing. Before you explore all of the exciting trails, be sure to visit the environmental education center so you can learn about the wildlife. Then you’ll know what to look for as you hike!

# 3 – Croft State Park – Spartanburg

There is a variety of activities to indulge in at Croft State Park. Rent a boat and fish at Lake Craig. Or ride your mountain bike through miles of trails. If you’re a horse lover, bring them along when you visit. Croft State Park is known for having the best equestrian trails in the state.

What are your favorite parks to frequent? Let us know in the comments below!

Shaw Air Force Base Puts On “Thunder Over the Midlands” Air Show

If you’ve ever wanted the experience of watching an air force base put on an air show, or if that’s something that sounds fun and exciting to you, you’re in luck. This month, the Shaw Air Force Base of Sumter, South Carolina will be hosting the Thunder Over the Midlands Shaw Air Expo, where visitors will be permitted to explore the air force base through an open house event and watch the famous Thunderbirds and Black Daggers put on a demonstration of epic proportions.

General admission is free to the public for this event, which allows people to get a closer look at the inner workings of the United States Air Force through aerial shows and on-the-ground aircraft displays for attendants’ viewing pleasure. The goal of the expo is to introduce the general public to military hardware and build community relationships, but many people are there for one reason — to see the pilots perform.

The performers at the air show will be the US Air Force’s precision-flying demonstration team, known publicly as the Thunderbirds, and they will be accompanied by the Black Daggers, the US Army’s official Specials Ops Command Parachute Demonstration Team. These two teams were specially-selected and chosen to represent the United States military to the public. In short, that means they’re really good at what they do.

The event takes place two days on May 21st and 22nd from 8:00am until 5:00pm. If you missed the event this year, make sure you check it out next year. It is a great event for all! Do you have any photos to share? Let us know in the comments below!

Toyota Prius Parade on Earth Day Breaks World Record

Earth Day just recently passed on April 22nd, and Toyota’s North American branch just broke a Guinness World Record after organizing a Toyota Prius parade in California in honor of the occasion. The world record in question was for the world’s largest hybrid parade, and with 332 Priuses gathered on the Alameda Air Field in Northern California, it was an easy win.

The choice of location was an obvious one, according to Toyota. California accounts for 40% of United States sales of the brand’s popular Prius hybrid, especially in the Bay Area of Northern California, which Toyota describes as housing “hundreds of thousands” of Prius drivers. Organizing the event was a way for Toyota’s North American branch to pay homage to the strides their company has made in alternative-fuel vehicles, particularly with the Prius, while also celebrating the tradition of Earth Day.

Pete Carey, vice president and general manager of Toyota Motor Sales, stated, “We wanted to celebrate this revolutionary vehicle and the folks behind the wheel who’ve always been our early adopters, thinking bigger about their carbon footprint and environmental impact.”

The parade was attended by Guinness World Record representatives, who showed up to witness the occasion in person and confirmed the record-breaking numbers first hand. Toyota attributes the success of the event to the fact that its Toyota and Lexus brands have twice as many hybrids on the road than any other auto manufacturer. The Toyota Prius parade will go down in history as one of the largest hybrid gatherings ever and one of the first of its type.

Hypermiling Tips to Help You Beat The EPA

Back in the day, all of the cool kids used to go outside of town, smoke cigarettes, listen to rock-n-roll, and drag race. These days, there’s a much cooler–and much safer–game being played.

It’s called hypermiling. The object of the game is to beat the EPA-estimated mpg numbers for your vehicle. Sound like fun? Here are some hypermiling tips to help you get started…

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

To win the game of hypermiling, one thing you are going to have to give up is time. Maybe not as much as you might think, but inevitably, it’s going to take longer to get wherever you want to go.

Take It Easy

The most significant thing you can do to up your mpg numbers is to drive extremely easy. That means two things: laid-back acceleration and early, soft braking. When you take off from a stoplight or stop sign, take your time getting up to speed. When approaching an area where you may have to stop, brake early. Braking too soon means you may have to accelerate to get back up to speed.

Record Your Progress

If the goal is to continually improve your numbers, you need to record those numbers. There are a lot of smartphone apps out there that make it extremely easy to do so! You can also compete with friends.

Do you have any tips to add? Let us know in the comments below!

Toyota Connected Will Free You from the ‘Tyranny of Technology’

Toyota Connected

Not only is everyone different with their particular tastes and preferences, but our destinations and plans change all of the time, so there’s no better place that we could stand to have more precise technology than inside our vehicles.

Toyota has teamed up with Microsoft to make car technology more precise for the individual. The project is known as Toyota Connected.

The new CEO of Toyota Connected, Zack Hicks, told USA Today how this collaboration between Toyota and Microsoft is ultimately designed to “help free our customers from the tyranny of technology. It will make lives easier and help us to return to our humanity.”

Hicks statement goes to the heart of one of the problems with the growing ubiquity of technology in our lives. Technology is powerful and highly capable of enhancing our lives, but a lot of times, we are overwhelmed by it. We have to work too hard to ensure it’s giving us exactly what we want, and doing so disengages us from life outside of technology.

Toyota Connected will do a better job of learning a person’s preferences. It will do a better job of being aware of the situation and fine-tuning what is offered. For example, you may tell the service you are hungry. The technology already knows your route and what restaurants you like, saving you a lot of time and allowing you to stay focused on other things.

Tell us what you think of the new Toyota Connected car technology.