Hypermiling Tips to Help You Beat The EPA

Back in the day, all of the cool kids used to go outside of town, smoke cigarettes, listen to rock-n-roll, and drag race. These days, there’s a much cooler–and much safer–game being played.

It’s called hypermiling. The object of the game is to beat the EPA-estimated mpg numbers for your vehicle. Sound like fun? Here are some hypermiling tips to help you get started…

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

To win the game of hypermiling, one thing you are going to have to give up is time. Maybe not as much as you might think, but inevitably, it’s going to take longer to get wherever you want to go.

Take It Easy

The most significant thing you can do to up your mpg numbers is to drive extremely easy. That means two things: laid-back acceleration and early, soft braking. When you take off from a stoplight or stop sign, take your time getting up to speed. When approaching an area where you may have to stop, brake early. Braking too soon means you may have to accelerate to get back up to speed.

Record Your Progress

If the goal is to continually improve your numbers, you need to record those numbers. There are a lot of smartphone apps out there that make it extremely easy to do so! You can also compete with friends.

Do you have any tips to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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