Toyota Mapping System Will Gather Real-Time Road Data

Toyota Mapping System

Digital mapping has been available on the internet and mobile devices for years, but there’s always progress that can be made in the field, even if it’s from an unexpected contributor.

Toyota plans to unveil a “high-precision” mapping system at the upcoming Consumer Electronic Show, one that will use digital cameras and GPS units already in Toyota cars today. Data gathered by cars through this method will be used to create a detailed digital map.

What good is another digital map database? This Toyota mapping system won’t be intended for human drivers but for the navigation of self-driving cars, which need continually updated street charts. Autonomous vehicles can then store and share information with other vehicles, based on real-time observations.

So far, the crowd-sourced technology is only being used to map roadways, but adapting it in the future would not be difficult.

We at Dick Dyer Toyota are continually amazed at the ideas provided by Toyota. Clearly this is why Toyota remains a leading innovator in the auto industry.

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